A simple webapp which will allow to mock Fedora Bodhi for comment submit requests. Mostly to be used together with libtaskotron.

Quick development setup

If you want to be able to quickly use fake_fedorainfra for development purposes, follow these steps:

$ virtualenv --system-site-packages env
$ source env/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ DEV=true ./
$ DEV=true python

The app frontend is running at http://localhost:5000/boji. The real Bodhi-like interface is running at http://localhost:5000/bodhi, for example you can try http://localhost:5000/bodhi/list - that requests a list of most recent Bodhi updates, and this request should be redirected to the official Fedora Bodhi instance. Any comment submit requests should be kept inside fake_fedorainfra, though.

You need to configure libtaskotron now to use fake_fedorainfra instead of real Bodhi. Edit /etc/taskotron/taskotron.yaml and set the following values:

bodhi_server: http://localhost:5000/bodhi/
fas_password: 'anything'

You might also need to adjust reporting_enabled and report_to_bodhi, depending on your local settings.

You should be ready to use fake_fedorainfra now.