This is kept around for archival purposes only.


ExecDB is a database that stores the execution status of jobs running inside the Taskotron framework. You can see which jobs were scheduled, started and finished, and some of their properties.

The API is currently not documented, but you can see how it is used by looking into the taskotron-trigger project.

Quick development setup

First, clone the repository.

Then, setup a virtual environment for development:

$ sudo dnf install python-virtualenv python-pip
$ virtualenv env_execdb
$ source env_execdb/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Initialize your database:

$ DEV=true ./

Run the server:

$ DEV=true python

The server is now running with its frontend available at http://localhost:5003. All data is stored inside /var/tmp/execdb_db.sqlite.

Adjusting configuration

You can configure this app by copying conf/ into conf/ and adjusting values as you see fit. It overrides default values in execdb/

Using with Taskotron

You might want to use this tool together with libtaskotron. To use your own ExecDB server in libtaskotron, edit /etc/taskotron/taskotron.yaml and set the following value::

execdb_server: http://localhost:5003

In taskotron-trigger, you'll find the same option in /etc/taskotron/trigger.cfg.