This is kept around for archival purposes. It's not clear whether we'll use this project in the future.

This a Taskotron task to run meta-test-family on each GitHub Pull Request of a container (you have to enable github message forwarding to fedmsg). It executes all meta-test-family tests present in the container's test directory. See recent results.

Running locally

You can run the same task locally by running the ansible playbook. Execute the following command as root (don't do this on a production machine!):

$ ansible-playbook tests.yml -e taskotron_item=<pr_url>

and replace <pr_url> with pull request URL.

For example:

$ ansible-playbook tests.yml -e taskotron_item=

You can see the results in ./artifacts/ directory.

Alternatively you can run the task through Taskotron runner:

$ runtask --item <pr_url> --type pull_request task-mtf-containers/

Don't forget to use --ssh or --libvirt, otherwise you need to run this as root (not recommended). See Taskotron documentation.