Taskotron task to compare ABI checks for a new koji build with latest stable build in koji
task-abicheck is a taskotron task which is intended to check ABI compatibility of a package update
pushed in bodhi for testing against latest stable pacakge avaiable for that Fedora release.

To run task-abicheck on your machine, first make sure following pacakges are installed:
- libabigail (https://sourceware.org/libabigail/)
  * To install run:
  $ sudo dnf install libabigail

- libtaskotron (http://libtaskotron.readthedocs.org/en/develop/)
  * Requires Fedora >= 23
  * To install run:
     $ sudo dnf copr enable tflink/taskotron 
     $ sudo dnf install libtaskotron

To run this task, execute following command:

$ runtask -i foo-1.0-1.fc23 -t koji_build runtask.yml

Here, replace foo-1.0-1.fc23 with package build id for which you want to see ABI compatibility.
build id is usually a recent update of package which is pushed in bodhi for testing.