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Maintained by sinnykumari
Taskotron task to compare ABI checks for a new koji build with latest stable build in koji
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This a Taskotron task using libabigail to check ABI compatibility of every package update pushed into Bodhi for testing against latest stable package available for that Fedora release. See recent results and task documentation.

Running locally

You can run the same task locally by running the ansible playbook. Execute the following command as root (don't do this on a production machine!):

$ ansible-playbook tests.yml -e taskotron_item=<NVR>

and replace <NVR> with a Koji build NVR, like foo-1.0-1.fc27.

You can see the results in ./artifacts/ directory.

Alternatively you can run the task through Taskotron runner:

$ runtask --item <NVR> --type koji_build task-abicheck/

Don't forget to use --ssh or --libvirt, otherwise you need to run this as root (not recommended). See Taskotron documentation.