#5 Utilize dashboard for tracking SIG and per-project progress
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The Pagure sig-webdev should maintain a project dashboard for tracking the SIG's progress while a fedora-webdev GitHub organization can help maintaining the project dashboard for multiple projects that are supported by this SIG.


A GitHub organization can help create various teams for specific projects and we can have multiple project dashboards for multiple projects. The one intended to be maintained at Pagure would help facilitate and check on the SIGs progress as a whole.


Here's a checklist -

  • [ ] Create a GitHub organization for fedora-webdev.
  • [ ] Create a project dashboard in Pagure with current issues. The columns may include but not limited to, backlog, to-do, in-progress, in-review and completed.
  • [ ] Set up various teams in the GitHub org once the inventory of supported projects slowly grow (https://pagure.io/sig-webdev/home/issue/3).


This is going to help manage the SIGs progress and those of the supported projects in a much better way.

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Created a GitHub org for per-project progress tracking.


@jflory7 @ramyaparimi Please check your inbox for an invite.

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