#2 Create IRC bot filter for new Pagure issues and pull requests in this repo to IRC
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Create a new IRC bot to send IRC messages when a Fedora Messaging topic matches a new Pagure Pull Request or new Pagure issue on this repository (sig-webdev/home).


@ramyaparimi mentioned in chat today about getting messages for new Pagure activity, since sometimes it is hard to keep up with email. Fedora Infrastructure runs an IRC bot that can be configured to listen to different Fedora Messaging topics and filter for specific keywords.

In our case, we want an IRC bot to send the following notifications to #fedora-webdev on Freenode IRC:

  • New Pagure issues opened on sig-webdev/home
  • New Pagure pull requests opened on sig-webdev/home

We can try this first, and then experiment with adding other GitHub repos later.


See ircbot.py in the Fedora Infra team's Ansible repository. There are multiple examples of bots already in use in this file. It is possible to add a new one by making a Pull Request to this repository with changes.

See line 81 for good examples of existing IRC bots.

The deliverable is a Pull Request with the new IRC bot sent to pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/ansible. We might get some feedback or change requests, but eventually we can get it merged. We also save the Fedora Infra team time by sending them a patch instead of asking them to write it for us.


Better awareness for new activity in this Pagure repository

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Thank you for assigning the issue @jflory7.

I would proceed as discussed during the meeting. Will update you on the IRC.

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