#1 Create howto documentation about Fedora Messaging for web devs
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Create new documentation that explains how to use Fedora Messaging in your application as a new developer


Fedora Messaging is a unique part of developing web apps in Fedora. Understanding Fedora Messaging is important to creating applications that "hook into" other parts of Fedora Infrastructure.

Creating new documentation about best practices for web developers to understand and use Fedora Messaging would be helpful. It is useful for people working on existing applications (which likely include support for Fedora Messaging) or for working on new extensions or apps for Fedora developers.


The deliverable would be new documentation in our docs page. It should explain some basic components of Fedora Messaging:

  1. What are Topics / Events / Messages?
  2. How does an application send messages to the Fedora Messaging bus?
  3. How to construct a Fedora Messaging topic
  4. Using existing developer tools/libraries


Improve understanding of Fedora Messaging for newbie and experienced web developers who are working in Fedora for the first time

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