#22 TeleIrc bridge for Fedora Ask Me Anything
Closed: complete 2 years ago by jflory7. Opened 2 years ago by michalrud.

We've talked with @jflory7 about the project. Thanks a lot!

@defolos I was told to tag you here, so I'm doing it :wink: Thanks in advance!

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2 years ago

The bot is deployed, but the IRC channel is not configured correctly to receive the bot.

Apr 29 17:51:50 tigeros-builder node[2094121]: [IRC Debug] {"prefix":"karatkievich.freenode.net","server":"karatkievich.freenode.net","command":"err_cannotsendtochan","rawCommand":"404","commandType":"error","args":["tg-fedama","#fedora-ama","Cannot send to nick/channel"]}

A channel operator needs to run these ChanServ commands:

/query ChanServ SET mlock #fedora-ama +Ccnt
/query ChanServ SET mlock #fedora-ama -r

There is an alternative method I can use to allow unauthenticated joins, but require authentication to speak (unless you use a Freenode-recognized gateway). This has been the most effective strategy at ending IRC spam for Fedora the last few years.

I can set it up operator access:

/query ChanServ ACCESS #fedora-ama ADD jwf +AROfiorstv

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2 years ago
/query ChanServ ACCESS #fedora-ama ADD jwf +AROfiorstv

done ;)

@michalrud Thanks!

The bot is all set up, so I am closing this ticket as done. PR #23 has the changes for this bot. :clapper:

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

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