#6 Browser
Opened 2 months ago by computerkid. Modified 2 months ago

I think the best option would be to run this in a headless firefox. To do that, you use
firefox --headless -P profilename 'URL'

Where URL is the URL of the page, and profilename is the firefox profile. In firefox you can have seperate profiles, and if this program used the same firefox instance, it would need two profiles. That is because Firefox will not run twice in the same profile.

Another thing firefox needs when you are using Jitsi or VDO ninja headless is audio and video permission. Since Jitsi and VDO ask to use microphone and camera, firefox will try to graphically prompt for access. You can configure this on a per-profile basis in a config file. To change it, go to ~/.mozzila/firefox/ where there is a directory that ends in the name of the profile. For example, mine was xt1dqt5n.test. In that directory, there is a file called prefs.js

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