#29 Only write the License tag if it is set.
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file modified
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@@ -827,7 +827,8 @@ 

              specFile.write("Epoch: %s\n"%self.epoch)

          specFile.write("Version: %s\n"%self.version)

          specFile.write("Release: %s\n"%self.release)

-         specFile.write("License: %s\n"%self.license)

+         if self.license:

+             specFile.write("License: %s\n"%self.license)

          specFile.write("Group: %s\n"%self.basePackage.group)

          if self.vendor:

              specFile.write("Vendor: %s\n"%self.vendor)

This allows setting self.license to None to prevent the addition of the License tag to the RPM file.

I use this functionality to test the license tag inspection in rpminspect.

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