#355 Ignore files in a cloned package repository automatically which are generated by commands
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago by onosek. Opened 4 years ago by cqi.

Some commands generates some kinds of result files in the repository directory, which don't intend to be tracked by git. For example, srpm generates *.src.rpm, local generates .build-*.log. rpkg could have the ability to ignore them automatically instead of letting packagers to edit gitignore manually again and again, especially when a packager maintains a few packages.

A possible solution is to define a list of patterns to ignore, and add them to .git/info/exclude once the repository is cloned successfully. Meanwhile, the list should be able to be extended easily by downstream tool, e.g. bodhi.template might be added by fedpkg.

Metadata Update from @cqi:
- Issue set to the milestone: 1.58

4 years ago

There is a list of files to ignore mentioned in https://pagure.io/rpkg/issue/115

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