#149 Better way to maintain potential changes to SPEC during development cycle
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Currently, rpkg.spec is also used to build packages during development cycle in order to verify changes to the code base. But, rpkg.spec in dist-git must keep stable before a new release comes out with new code.

For example, in the master branch, rpkg_man_page.py is moved from src/ to doc/. Then, to verify building packages, rpkg.spec has be to changed

-%{__python} src/rpkg_man_page.py > rpkg.1
+%{__python} doc/rpkg_man_page.py > rpkg.1

Such changes should be made outside of dist-git, and then apply them while making a new release.

In a word,

  • changes to SPEC before a new release must not break packaging based on released version.
  • Find a place to track the changes.

Is it feasible to add a develop branch in dist-git? Would it break something? This develop branch could be use to track all necessary changes to rpkg.spec before a newer release, and merge it back to master when making a new release.

It might work. I didn't find any official documentation or policy on this (although there is a guide for removing branches by rel-eng). I think just try to push it and see if it works.

Alternatively you can create a separate repo here on Pagure and use it as a remote in official dist-git. That way it should be possible to pull commits from one to the other.

I'm going to close this issue as new repositories are already created for tracking the changes of rpkg and fedpkg SPEC. Any automation jobs running during development before new release should get SPEC from these two repositories instead of the dist-git repo.

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Reopen. A PR is linked to this issue incorrectly.

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