RHEL Reposync

Ansible + sync scripts to configure a private RHEL mirror

This enables setting up a private mirror to enable use-cases where reaching out to Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) is not possible (e.g. operating system image builds and airgapped deployments) without requiring a full Red Hat Satellite deployment.

You still need to entitle your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems for deployment, this just lets you turn off the subscription-management DNF plugin since you will not use RHSM for fetching content.

Host setup

Basic setup for this system requires a RHEL 9 server registered with subscription-manager:

subscription-manager register --org <org> --activationkey <activation-key>

Org ID and activation key can be found in the Red Hat Customer Center.


For development, at least 250GB of disk is recommended. You may also configure a separate volume as with prod and set use_external_srv_volume to true in your inventory.


Production use requires a separate volume - At least 1TB is recommended. use_external_srv_volume is enabled for the prod group by default, and the playbook will automatically partition, format and mount this to /srv. srv_volume_disk_device and srv_volume_part_device can be used to configure the device used for the volume and the created partition - they default to /dev/vdb//dev/vdb1.

Ports 80/443 should be open for the repo server, and 8002 for debuginfo. On systems managing their own ingress via firewalld, the playbook will automatically configure those ports. Otherwise, they should be configured using your network/cloud provider's tools as needed.

To use HTTPS, you need to set the use_https flag and set the paths to certificates to install with nginx_full_bundle_https_cert and nginx_private_server_https_key.

  • nginx_full_bundle_https_cert should be the server public cert concatenated with the CA cert
  • nginx_private_server_https_key should be the private key for the server cert


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