#9680 Adding sigkey requirement to the odcs private compose generation
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- Usage: python odcs-private-compose.py <token> <koji_tag>

+ Usage: python odcs-private-compose.py <token> <koji_tag> <sigkey>


  This is used to generate private composes using ODCS.

  This script is specifically used to generate openh264 repos.
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  parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()

  parser.add_argument("token", help="OIDC token for authenticating to ODCS")

  parser.add_argument("tag", help="koji tag to compose")

+ parser.add_argument("sigkey", help="sigkey that was used to signed the builds in the tag")

  args = parser.parse_args()

  token = args.token

  tag = args.tag

+ sigkey = args.sigkey


  odcs = ODCS("https://odcs.fedoraproject.org",




- source = ComposeSourceTag(tag)

+ source = ComposeSourceTag(tag, sigkeys=[sigkey])


  # Making a private compose with no inheritance

  arches = ["armv7hl", "i686", "x86_64", "aarch64", "ppc64le", "s390x"]

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Sigkeys are passed to ComposeSourceTag like this (if you want just single signing key to be used):

source = ComposeSourceTag(tag, sigkeys=[sigkey])

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+1, I think this should work. You can always check resulting compose in the ODCS API by its ID and see what "sigkeys" value is there.

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