#9606 A SOP for adjusting EOLs on arbitrary branches.
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+     sop_eol_change




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+ .. SPDX-License-Identifier:    CC-BY-SA-3.0


+ ================================

+ Adjust EOLs and SLs on branches

+ ================================


+ .. note:: This SOP is about adjust EOLs and SLs on so-called "arbitrary"

+    branches.  Unretiring a package *also* involves changing the EOL on a

+    branch, but you won't find information on that here.  See the unretirement

+    SOP for more info there.


+ Description

+ ===========


+ With "arbitrary branching", modules can include streams for an RPM that are not

+ directly associated with a Fedora release.  Modules *themselves* can have

+ branches not directly associated with a Fedora release.  For instance, our

+ `python3` module has a `3.6` branch.  The SLs on that module branch all go EOL

+ on 2018-06-01. **@torsava**, one of the `python3 module maintainers

+ <https://src.fedoraproject.org/modules/python3k>`_, may request that this

+ branch have its EOL extended until 2018-12-01.


+ When a maintainer wants to change EOL on a rpm, module, or container branch,

+ they need to file a `releng ticket <https://pagure.io/releng/issues>`_

+ requesting it.  They have no way to do it on their own.  Releng must review the

+ request, and then process it.


+ Policy

+ ======


+ Here are some *policy* guidelines to help you (releng) make decisions about these tickets


+ - Clarify.  Does the maintainer want the EOL lengthed for an rpm?  Or for a

+   module?  Or for a container?  If they just say "increase the EOL for `httpd`,

+   please", it is not clear which thing they're really talking about.


+ - Expect that maintainers generally know *when* their EOL should go until.  You

+   don't need to go and research upstream mailing lists to figure out what makes

+   sense.  Politely asking the maintainer for some background information on

+   *why* the EOL should be changed is good to record in the ticket for

+   posterity.  Bonus points if they can provide references to upstream

+   discussions that make the request make sense.


+ - EOLs should *almost always* only be extended into the future.  Shortening an

+   EOL should only be done with care.  There might be modules out there that

+   depend on an rpm branch with a conflicting EOL of their own.  If a *shorter*

+   EOL is requested for an rpm branch, you should verify that no modules that

+   depend on it have a conflicting EOL.  If a *shorter* EOL is requested for a

+   module branch, you should verify that no other modules require it that have a

+   conflicting EOL.


+ - EOLs should not be arbitrary dates.  At Flock 2017, we `decided on using two

+   standard dates <https://pagure.io/fedrepo_req/issue/100>`_ for EOLs to help

+   make things less crazy.  You should use December 1st or June 1st of any given

+   year for all EOL dates.


+ - Many branches will *often* have multiple SLs all with the *same* EOL.  I.e.,

+   the branch is fully supported until such time as it is totally retired.

+   There is no gray area.  However, it is *possible* to have branches with

+   piecemeal SLs and EOLs.  A branch may support `bug_fixes` until time X but

+   will further support `security_fixes` until time Y.  This is nicely flexible

+   for the maintainers, but also introduces complexity.  If a maintainer

+   requests piecemeal SL EOLs, ask to make sure they really want this kind of

+   complexity.


+ Action

+ ======


+ We have a script in the releng repo::


+     $ PYTHONPATH=scripts/pdc python3 scripts/pdc/adjust-eol.py -h


+ .. note:: Run it with `python3`.  It imports `fedrepo_req` which is python3 by default.

+    Installing `python2` dependencies should be possible when needed.


+ Here is an example of using it to increase the SL of the `3.6` branch of the

+ `python3` module (not the rpm branch)::


+     $ PYTHONPATH=scripts/pdc python3 scripts/pdc/adjust-eol.py \

+         fedora \

+         SOME_TOKEN \

+         python3 \

+         module \

+         3.6 \

+         2018-12-01

+     Connecting to PDC args.server 'fedora' with token 'a9a1e4cbca122c21580d1fe4646e603a770c5280'

+     Found 2 existing SLs in PDC.

+     Adjust eol of (module)python3#3.6 security_fixes:2018-06-01 to 2018-12-01? [y/N]: y

+     Adjust eol of (module)python3#3.6 bug_fixes:2018-06-01 to 2018-12-01? [y/N]: y

+     Set eol to 2018-12-01 on ['(module)python3#3.6 security_fixes:2018-06-01', '(module)python3#3.6 bug_fixes:2018-06-01']

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- """ create-branch.py - Add a new branch to PDC *by hand*.

+ """ adjust-eol.py - Modify the EOL on an existing SL, on an existing branch.


- In general, you shouldn't use this script.  The "front door" for new branches

- is to have people use the fedrepo-req tool to request branches, and to have

- cvsadmin members use the fedrepo-req-admin tool to process them.  That tool

- creates branches in PDC and new repos in pagure.  This tool should be used as

- the backdoor option, in case releng needs to create a branch manually.

+ Adjust EOLs with care.  Read the SOP first for policy.




- Note that branches must be associated with SLAs and EOLs.


  You can run this on pdc-backend01, the token is in /etc/pdc.d/

  You can also find the token in the private git repo.


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  def prompt(message, force):

-     return force or input(message + " [y/N]: ").lower() in ('y', 'yes')

+     try:

+         question = input  # python3

+     except NameError:

+         question = raw_input  # python2

+     return force or question(message + " [y/N]: ").lower() in ('y', 'yes')



  def die(message):
@@ -85,6 +89,8 @@ 

      # A base query

      query = dict(branch=branch, global_component=package, branch_type=type)

      slas = list(pdc.get_paged(endpoint, **query))

+     print("Found %i existing SLs in PDC." % len(slas))


      fmt = lambda s: "({type}){global_component}#{name} {sla}:{eol}".format(**s)

      modified = []

      for sla in slas: