#9007 push-two-week-atomic.py py3
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mohanboddu/releng push-two-week-py3  into  master

@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@ 

      msg['To'] = "; ".join(mail_receivers)

      msg['From'] = "noreply@fedoraproject.org"

      msg['Subject'] = "Fedora Atomic Host Two Week Release Announcement: %s" % \

-                          ostree_commit_data.items()[0][1]['version']

+                          ostree_commit_data[list(ostree_commit_data)[0]]['version']



@@ -748,6 +748,7 @@ 

          cmd = ['/usr/bin/ostree', '--repo=' + ATOMIC_REPO,

                 'show', '--print-metadata-key=version', commit]

          version = subprocess.check_output(cmd).strip()

+         version = version.decode("utf-8")

          # output will be in GVariant print format by default -> s/'//

          version = version.replace("'", "")

@@ -755,6 +756,7 @@ 

          cmd = ['/usr/bin/ostree', '--repo=' + ATOMIC_REPO,

                 'rev-parse', ref]

          previous_commit = subprocess.check_output(cmd).strip()

+         previous_commit = previous_commit.decode("utf-8")


          # set info in ostree_commit_data dict

          ostree_commit_data[arch]['ref'] = ref
@@ -766,7 +768,7 @@ 

      log.info("%s", json.dumps(ostree_commit_data, indent=2))


      # Verify all versions match

-     ostree_commit_version = ostree_commit_data.items()[0][1]['version']

+     ostree_commit_version = ostree_commit_data[list(ostree_commit_data)[0]]['version']

      for arch in ARCHES:

          if ostree_commit_data[arch]['version'] != ostree_commit_version:

              log.error("Found mismatched versions for commits")

considering we are only going to really run this one or two more times, should we just ignore making this change?

@dustymabe why? We need it for next time. Or else I have to keep the patch and use it for next time.

oh oh, it broke and you had to make this change to get it to work?

I thought it was working fine and you made this change because it would be good for the future.

assuming this is the change you needed to make in order to do the release today (and it worked) then LGTM

I guess we can close this as this is not used anymore.

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10 months ago