#6969 Add script to automate torrent generation
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we currently run a rsync from the torrent box to get the isos and checksums in place
rsync -avhHP rsync://download-ib01.fedoraproject.org/fedora-stage/24_RC-1.2///iso/ /srv/torrent/new/fedora/

all checksum files are anmed ending in CHECKSUM and are sha256 hashed

We have been running two loops to put everything in place
for iso in $(ls iso); do dest=$(echo $iso|sed -e 's|-1.2.iso||g' ); mkdir $dest; mv $iso $dest; done
for checksum in $(ls
CHECKSUM); do for file in $(grep "SHA256 (" $checksum |sed -e 's|SHA256 (||g' -e 's|-1.2.||g' -e 's|-2..||g' ); do cp $checksum $file ; done; done

The issue - https://pagure.io/releng/issue/5223 explains torrent generation for only one iso.

sorry the process described there has not been updated. the rsync has only been used for the last few releases

rebased onto 8f3f7a3

4 years ago

we just need to rsync the content, no tar or compresseion

the compose "24_RC-1.2" needs to be a variable that ou pass in as an argument to the command, it changes for every release

you need to calculate the 1.2 i the substitution as it changes every release

the values here need to be determined each release

'ls' should not be used to generate arrays for loops. Swap this to 'find'.

@yahzaa care to address comments and rebase? Or shall we just close this?