#6964 Edit targets since we have signing enabled.
Closed 2 years ago by mohanboddu. Opened 3 years ago by mohanboddu.
mohanboddu/releng branching-signing  into  master

@@ -35,6 +35,8 @@ 

  $kojicli add-tag --parent f$RELEASE f$RELEASE-modularity

  $kojicli add-tag --parent f$RELEASE f$RELEASE-openh264

  $kojicli add-tag --parent f$RELEASE f$RELEASE-atomic

+ $kojicli add-tag f$RELEASE-container

+ $kojicli add-tag --parent f$RELEASE-container --arches=x86_64 f$RELEASE-container-build

  $kojicli edit-tag --perm=fedora-override f$RELEASE-override

  $kojicli edit-tag --perm=admin f$RELEASE-updates

  $kojicli edit-tag --perm=admin f$RELEASE-updates-testing
@@ -52,8 +54,12 @@ 

  $kojicli add-target f$RELEASE-candidate f$RELEASE-build f$RELEASE

  $kojicli add-target f$RELEASE-infra f$RELEASE-infra f$RELEASE-infra-candidate

  $kojicli add-target f$RELEASE-docker-candidate f$RELEASE-docker-build f$RELEASE-docker

- $kojicli edit-target rawhide --dest-tag=f$RELEASE --build-tag=f$RELEASE-build

+ $kojicli add-target f$RELEASE-container-candidate f$RELEASE-container-build f$RELEASE-container

+ $kojicli edit-target rawhide --dest-tag=f$RELEASE-pending --build-tag=f$RELEASE-build

  $kojicli edit-target rawhide-docker-candidate --dest-tag=f$RELEASE-docker --build-tag=f$RELEASE-docker-build

+ $kojicli edit-target f$RELEASE --dest-tag=f$RELEASE-pending

+ $kojicli edit-target f$RELEASE-candidate --dest-tag=f$RELEASE-pending

+ $kojicli edit-target rawhide-container-candidate --dest-tag=f$RELEASE-container --build-tag=f$RELEASE-container-build


  $kojicli remove-tag-inheritance rawhide f$OLDRELEASE

  $kojicli add-tag-inheritance rawhide f$RELEASE


3 years ago

@puiterwijk - any thoughts on this one?


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3 years ago

Closing the PR as its not needed anymore.

Pull-Request has been closed by mohanboddu

2 years ago