#6714 add container tags to block_retired.py
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maxamillion/releng containers  into  master

@@ -46,6 +46,11 @@ 

              ("f20", "f20", ""),

              ("f19", "f19", ""),

              ("f18", "f18", ""),


+             # mapping for container distgit-branch/koji-tag/epel-build

+             ("master", "f27-docker", ""),

+             ("f26", "f26-docker", ""),

+             ("f25", "f25-docker", ""),


          if not staging:

              self.mapping = self.mapping + (

I read through the code and I'm pretty sure there's no special cases needed for the containers since it's all just koji tags mapped to distgit branches but if there is anything found in review please let me know and I'll gladly fix

There is zero accounting for namespaces, it is a bug in the current implementation, this change will block all rpm packages retired in the docker tags

def get_packages(
self, pattern='*', branches=None, poc=None,
status=None, orphaned=False, critpath=None, acls=False,
eol=False, page=1, limit=250, count=False, namespace='rpms'):

the pkgdb api uses the rpms namespace by default.

After talking with dgilmore, this needs a major refactor. Will create a new PR when that's done.

closing as it needs significantly more work to achieve the purpose.

some quick notes, the branch needs to be unique in how this works. and namespaces need to be accounted for. we have a many to many mapping that needs to be handled

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