#62 openh264 and non-distributable-rpms
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Note, this depends on flr. Which you can use in the mean time by git cloning somewhere and then creating a symlink into the releng/scripts however, I don't know where to send the email to and would like request review of the script as well also some information about what was done in the koji redirect for the SOP docs.

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we should use xz compression

I would have but python 2.x doesn't support xz compression in the tarfile module

I'll contact Kalev Lember to find out the email destination. He's our point of contact for this and was working with Cisco earlier.

@pfrields have you had any followup here?

I think we did end up sending tarballs (or whatever built artifacts) to Cisco. @kalev tells me that @ausil sent these on, so he should have the appropriate email address.

Or rather, the top commit on https://pagure.io/fork/puiterwijk/releng/commits/openh264-lzma (this one has the correct file extension).

Hey look, the oldest releng pr. ;)

@maxamillion if you still have this anywhere, can you rebase it and sign off on it? Since this repo enforces the silly sign-off requirement.