#11437 sync-ostree-base-containers: add Sericea
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sync-ostree-base-containers: add Sericea
Aleksei Bavshin • 6 months ago  
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ 

  # Define what is rawhide so we know to push that tag



- ostree_base_images=(silverblue kinoite)

+ ostree_base_images=(silverblue kinoite sericea)


  # An optional additional alias for the image; this is only set for current stable and rawhide.

  # For example, given current_stable=36, then the previous release of 35 will just appear as a single

Publish Sericea images to https://quay.io/repository/fedora/fedora-sericea
Obviously untested, but seems like a straightforward change.

Ah yep. Sorry we missed it. Thanks for the PR!

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