#9946 F34: Self contained, move ARMv7 images to UEFI
Closed: Fixed 4 months ago by humaton. Opened 8 months ago by pbrobinson.


Slight rel-eng impact:

  • Review of kickstarts changes. I will do 2 PRs. One to add the new ones where necessary. Then once we have successful compose one to remove the old ones.
  • Update of pungi config to add the pieces in that map to the new KS where necessary. Then a second to remove the old ones.
  • Updates to sync scripts as the artifacts change slightly, the names and bits change to align with the aarch64 artifacts.

Overall things should be cleaner as ARMv7 will align with aarch64 process.

RelEng acknowledges the change, please file the associated PR's and we can review them.


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8 months ago

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4 months ago

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