#9934 F34 Change: LTO Build Improvements
Closed: Can't Fix 2 months ago by humaton. Opened a year ago by bcotton.

Opening a change to check the impacts of the following Fedora 34 Change proposal:

I apparently forgot to email @law requesting he submit this issue, so I'm opening it on his behalf.

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a year ago

@law If I understand the change correctly, the plan is to run the mass rebuild with rpm macro changes but without changing the spec files and after the mass rebuild is done, fix the FTBFS packages?

My plan was to identify and add the opt-in to all the affected packages first. That's a NOP until the rpm macro changes are done which I'd expected to wrap up this week.

But my tester shows there's ~1000 packages that are going to need to opt-in to -ffat-lto-objects and I'm not keen to try and fix all of them and wrap up the rpm macro changes in the short amount of time left. So I'm going to recommend we defer the change to F35.

@law Thanks for the update.

@bcotton Can you defer this change to F35? Thanks.

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a year ago

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2 months ago

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