#9863 FMC ODCS composes requested too often.
Opened 11 months ago by jkaluza. Modified 10 months ago

From time to time there are hundreds of FMC compose requests on odcs.fedoraproject.org requested within the single minute. This looks like some issue in whatever triggers these builds.

When this happen, the ODCS queue grows and other composes are blocked until all FMC composes are built. This is waste of resources and it often needs manual queue clean-up.

It happened last time on 2020-11-24T17:57:46Z.

Please try to debug what the issue is and fix it.

Metadata Update from @humaton:
- Issue tagged with: automation, dev, high-gain, medium-trouble

11 months ago

Metadata Update from @humaton:
- Issue assigned to humaton

10 months ago

This happened again right now, there are currently 42 compose requests from fmc.

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