#9841 Provide a way to differentiate Beta vs RC compose in .composeinfo file
Opened a year ago by mohanboddu. Modified a year ago

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    The .composeinfo file generated for the Beta and RC doesn't specify which is Beta and which is RC, for those who consume the content using the .composeinfo file, its harder to differentiate what is what.

It would be helpful to provide a way to identify these composes in .composeinfo file

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    F34 Beta

  • If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?
    Its hard to consume the composes and differentiate between them

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a year ago

When the Beta is released and lands in each of RH Beaker labs it get imported to the pxe menu as 'fedora-33' since it uses .composeinfo for naming. When the GOLD is released it is ignored since it is also identified at 'fedora-33' in the .composeinfo. Someone will request GOLD be imported and that is handled manually. Problem occurs at this point at the pxe is already populated w/ the initrd and kernel from the Beta and is a mismatch w/ GOLD. pxe menu does not get updated as it sees fedora-33 already populated in the menu. The mismatch causes pxe installs / beaker jobs to fail. Clean up is required. This or something similar happens every fedora release. Many hours could be recovered if we only had a distinction in the .composeinfo for the 'name' for Beta and GOLD. Perhaps fedora-33-Beta and Fedora-33.

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