#982 koji tag-pkg f10-final gcc-4.3.2-7
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by jakub.

Please koji tag-pkg f10-final gcc-4.3.2-7
This includes a bunch of bugfixes, a couple of them with highest priority (P1).

  • update from gcc-4_3-branch
  • PRs c/35437, fortran/35680, fortran/37723, fortran/37749, fortran/37787,
    fortran/37794, fortran/37903, libfortran/37707, libfortran/37863,
    middle-end/37882, other/37897, rtl-optimization/37769, target/37909,
    target/37939, tree-optimization/37102
  • fix ICE in extract_bit_field_1 (PR middle-end/37870)
  • combiner fix for shifts (PR c/37924)
  • fix -fdump-ipa-all -dv (PR middle-end/37858)
  • fix ICE with wrong use of noreturn attribute (PR tree-optimization/37879)
  • fix up --with-java_bootstrap build

Metadata Update from @jakub:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 10 Final

4 years ago

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