#9753 releng Impact for F34 System Wide Change Proposal: Rust Crate Packages for Release Branches
Closed: Fixed a month ago by mohanboddu. Opened 6 months ago by decathorpe.

  • Describe the issue

I filed a Change Proposal for Rust Crate Packages for Release Branches, which - if approved in its current form - will require a change to the mass branching script used by releng to no longer handle rust-* packages differently.
I tried to find the script that does the mass branch creation so I can file a PR in preparation for the change, but I could only find references to the script, but not the script itself, neither in the releng or the fedora-infrastructure / ansible pagure repos.

  • When do you need this? (YYYY/MM/DD)

    If approved by FESCo, before the f34 branch point.

  • When is this no longer needed or useful? (YYYY/MM/DD)

    If rejected by FESCo or after the f34 branch point (at which point I will probably resubmit this Change Proposal for f35).

  • If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?

    Rust packages will still require weird manual steps to build. :sad face.

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6 months ago

I think this issue can be closed, since the required changes have been merged?

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a month ago

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