#9748 f34-kde side tag
Opened 10 months ago by jgrulich. Modified 10 months ago

  • Describe the issue
    I would like to request f34-kde side tag for smoother Qt update. I want to update Qt to 5.15.1 which is a bigger upgrade and it will most likely take more time than usual so it's better not to break rawhide.

  • When do you need this? (YYYY/MM/DD)

  • When is this no longer needed or useful? (YYYY/MM/DD)
    I believe this target will always be useful for Qt/KDE updates.

  • If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?
    Broken rawhide.

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10 months ago

Already did use one, but at the time of writing this request I wasn't aware this is possible.

@jgrulich Since you are okay with using it, we are closing this ticket.

If in case you need a named side tag, please let us know.

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10 months ago

We always used named side tag for KDE and Qt updates and I think it might be handy to have one always available when doing updates.

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10 months ago

user side tags work ok for rawhide, but not for stable releases (target is removed once bodhi update is created, not possible to update/add builds at that point).

so, we'll need this sooner or later. Of course, f34 branching is still a ways off.

f34-kde has been created:

$ koji add-tag f34-kde --parent f34-build --arches 'armv7hl i686 x86_64 aarch64 ppc64le s390x'

$ koji add-target f34-kde f34-kde

You can do builds with:

$ fedpkg build –target=f34-kde

Let us know when you are done and we will move all the builds into f34.

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10 months ago

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