#9683 Incomplete package retirements ~after f33 branch point
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by mohanboddu. Opened 2 years ago by decathorpe.

  • Describe the issue

    It looks like glassfish-jaxb and glassfish-jaxb-api are not correctly retired from f33+. I ran fedpkg retire in the master branch before the f33 branch was created, but this was on Tuesday. Maybe I should have waited a day or two to retire these to packages :( The packages are now blocked in f33, but not in the f34 koji tag. I've waited until there was at least one attempted F34 compose (Fedora-Rawhide-20200813.n.0) because that's when blocked packages get updated, right? But the compose has come and gone (though DOOMED), and the packages are still in f34:

    Please block them in the f34 koji tag as well :-)

    There's also possibly an issue with the data for these two packages in PDC (?), because on src.fedoraproject.org, the master branch is shown as inactive, but the f33 branch is still shown as active - despite having been branched from master when the package was already retired there, see the dead.package file in it.

    It might also be worth checking if there are other packages in similar inconsistent states, if they were retired around the same time (I have no idea how to check this myself though).

  • When do you need this? (YYYY/MM/DD)

    Soon-ish would be nice, the outdated packages pollute the repos and dependency graphs, and they pull in some deprecated packages I would like to get rid of.

  • When is this no longer needed or useful? (YYYY/MM/DD)

    Depends on which data sources will win in the long run, either never or once F33 is EOL.

  • If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?

    Two retired packages pollute repositories, repo metadata, buildroots, and dependency graphs.

Seems like this is still a problem. I've retired several packages yesterday on f33 and master branch, but they've only got blocked in f34:

$ parallel koji list-pkgs  --show-blocked --tag f33 --quiet --package -- $(cat ~/tmp/file)
gnome-mud               f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
gr-iio                  f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
foo2zjs                 f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
gallery3-openid         f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
gdb-heap                f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
ember-media             f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
gloobus-preview         f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
grig                    f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
gspiceui                f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
inception               f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
iptux                   f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
modtools                f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
gtkmathview             f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-benchmark        f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-call-delayed     f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-conventional-changelog-writer f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-ebnf-parser      f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-babel-runtime    f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-escope           f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-conventional-commits-parser f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-express          f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-globby           f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-git-tails        f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-jison-lex        f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-make-node        f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-i18n-transform   f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-http2            f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-inherit          f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-json-diff        f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-npm-license      f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-p-locate         f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-prompt           f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-read-pkg         f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-tap-spec         f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-shelljs-nodecli  f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
nodejs-vow-fs           f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
plowshare               f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
wicd-kde                f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]
webacula                f33                                      releng          [BLOCKED]

$ parallel koji list-pkgs  --show-blocked --tag f34 --quiet --package -- $(cat ~/tmp/file)
gdb-heap                f34                                      releng         
gnome-mud               f34                                      releng         
foo2zjs                 f34                                      releng         
gallery3-openid         f34                                      releng         
ember-media             f34                                      releng         
grig                    f34                                      releng         
gr-iio                  f34                                      releng         
gloobus-preview         f34                                      releng         
iptux                   f34                                      releng         
modtools                f34                                      releng         
inception               f34                                      releng         
nodejs-babel-runtime    f34                                      releng         
nodejs-call-delayed     f34                                      releng         
nodejs-benchmark        f34                                      releng         
gspiceui                f34                                      releng         
gtkmathview             f34                                      releng         
nodejs-conventional-changelog-writer f34                                      releng         
nodejs-ebnf-parser      f34                                      releng         
nodejs-express          f34                                      releng         
nodejs-escope           f34                                      releng         
nodejs-git-tails        f34                                      releng         
nodejs-globby           f34                                      releng         
nodejs-conventional-commits-parser f34                                      releng         
nodejs-i18n-transform   f34                                      releng         
nodejs-inherit          f34                                      releng         
nodejs-http2            f34                                      releng         
nodejs-jison-lex        f34                                      releng         
nodejs-make-node        f34                                      releng         
nodejs-npm-license      f34                                      releng         
nodejs-json-diff        f34                                      releng         
nodejs-p-locate         f34                                      releng         
nodejs-read-pkg         f34                                      releng         
nodejs-tap-spec         f34                                      releng         
nodejs-vow-fs           f34                                      releng         
nodejs-prompt           f34                                      releng         
nodejs-shelljs-nodecli  f34                                      releng         
webacula                f34                                      releng         
plowshare               f34                                      releng         
wicd-kde                f34                                      releng   

@mohanboddu thanks for the update!

I'm just wondering if it's a good idea to hard-code those values :) Doesn't bodhi (or PDC? or the old pkgs.fp.o endpoint?) provide these data?

Yeah, I think we can use bodhi api to pull in the non released fedora releases and epel releases and allow blocking on them.

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2 years ago

Uh, is it possible that there's the reverse problem now?

I have retired some packages in f33 a few days ago but they're not blocked in koji for the f33 tag yet:

  • glassfish-fastinfoset: retired in f33 branch ~2 days ago
  • glassfish-jax-rs-api: retired in f33 branch ~3 days ago
  • glassfish-servlet-api: retired in f33 branch ~3 days ago

Metadata Update from @decathorpe:
- Issue status updated to: Open (was: Closed)

2 years ago

Another two packages I found:

  • geronimo-jms
  • geronimo-jpa

Both were retired in f33 and master two days ago, but they're only blocked in koji for f34 but not for f33.

Ah this would explain some mysterious results I see in koschie! It is because glassfish-servlet-api was not yet blocked for F33

This should be fixed now.

Metadata Update from @mohanboddu:
- Issue close_status updated to: Fixed
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

2 years ago

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