#956 Tag coreutils-6.12-17.fc10 for f10-final

Created 9 years ago by ovasik
Modified 9 months ago

Current f10-final coreutils package lacks Requires: ncurses (those Requirements were before in bash I guess). As reported in rh bz#469277 , it causes troubles with (at least) tcsh, producing error message due to tput command usage in colorls shell scripts.
I would like to have coreutils-6.12-17.fc10 tagged for f10-final , the only change is addition of Requires: ncurses .

Thanks in advance.

Hrm, I'm always afraid of changing deps on core packages this late in the game, so we'll have to watch for rpm dep loop closing issues, as well as CD split issues. I'm +1 anyway though.

+1, moved, tagged.

9 months ago

Metadata Update from @ovasik:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 10 Final

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