#9545 F33 system-wide change: btrfs by default
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago by mohanboddu. Opened 3 years ago by chrismurphy.

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Change the default file system for all desktops (Workstation edition, KDE and all other desktop spins) to use Btrfs.


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Conan-Kudo might not buy you a beer.


Uncertain about this: The live ISOs use a squashfs image which contains a nested ext4 image. The change proposal does not intend to cause this nested ext4 to become btrfs. Is this a non-factor due to kickstarts not being modified by this proposal?

We should be okay, we're not changing anything about the kickstarts, only how Anaconda installs onto the user's system.

Ah, I forgot about the disk image variants of the desktop variants we make for ARM. Those would need fixing.

AFAICT, there are no releng work needed other than reviewing fedora-kickstarts, please correct me if I am wrong and reopen the ticket.


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3 years ago

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