#9491 Fedora 33 System Toolchain Rebase
Closed: Fixed a year ago by mohanboddu. Opened a year ago by codonell.

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All Fedora releases must be released using a released and supported version of the system toolchain which contains glibc, gcc, and binutils.

The Fedora toolchain team is responsible for ensuring that Fedora Rawhide stabilizes static linking, code generation, and library ABI, before a Fedora release, or that after the branch that the Fedora release is rebased (a very small rebase) to the final released version. This is a requirement for Fedora to inherit the ABI and API guarantees provided by upstream. If a mass rebuild is required by binutils, gcc, glibc or other components, the Fedora toolcahin team will ensure coordination with release engineering such that a mass rebuild uses the released version of all components and fix any last minute ABI or code-generation changes.

  • When do you need this? (2020/07/22)

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We DO NOT need a mass rebuild.

Change page for review: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/GLIBC232
Owner: Carlos O'Donell carlos@redhat.com
glibc mass rebuild request: This request.

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The IBM ppc64le float128 transition has been moved to Fedora 34. Therefore Fedora 33 does not need a mass rebuild for glibc.

Thanks for filing the ticket, we will include this change as part of mass rebuild for F33.

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a year ago

The IBM ppc64le transition to float128 will not happen in Fedora 33 and has been moved to Fedora 34. The work in glibc is complete, but gcc still needs changes.

Mass rebuild is no longer requested.

@codonell Thanks for the update, we will not include this change as part of the mass rebuild for F33.

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a year ago

Just wanted to update this issue prior to the upcoming rawhide mass rebuild (tomorrow?):

glibc is good to go for the mass rebuild planned for tomorrow.

Some details:
The Fedora rawhide glibc package (still a "prerelease" of glibc-2.32, and therefore versioned as 2.31.9000) is closely tracking upstream master (which will soon become glibc-2.32). The last sync was done just now and built successfully and has been tagged 'f33'. We will switch rawhide to tracking the upstream glibc-2.32 branch as soon as it becomes available, but at this point, the ABI is frozen and rawhide glibc already aligns with upcoming upstream glibc-2.32 ABI.

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