#9451 rework koji channels / policy
Opened a year ago by kevin. Modified a year ago

We should discuss and come up with a plan for redoing koji channels. This work might be best to wait until after the datacenter move and we have all the builders back enabled, as during the move we will have much more limited capacity.

Some possible goals:

  • do not run srpm tasks on s390x builders
  • do not run srpm tasks on armv7 builders.
  • do not run main package noarch tasks on s390x builder.
  • do not run main package noarch tasks on armv7 builders
  • make sure all channels used by compose have enough builders so things don't wait for them during composes.
  • try and provide 'heavybuilder' channel for some heavy packages (chromium, gcc, etc)

See also https://pagure.io/koji/issue/2229 and others where we have been asked this before.

Bonus points if we could put this in ansible and assign builders via a known policy there.

This would be pretty useful.

We will definitely look at it after the dc move. We might have to do something similar during dc move as there will limited number of builders and we can learn from it and find the best way to do this.

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a year ago

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This can be achieved by using method matching of koji hub policy.

[11:36:25] <nirik> ah, you can match on method...
[11:37:14] <mboddu> Ohhhh
[11:37:42] <nirik> so we need a if buildSRPMFromSCM <channel with all the builders except s390x>

We can use createrepo channel builders since all of them x86_64, ppc64le and aarch64 builders

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