#9286 F33 system wide change: RPM 4.16
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by mohanboddu. Opened 2 years ago by pmatilai.


Mass rebuild is not required but beneficial, both from testing perspective and to support alternative uncompressed payload for deltarpm.

More importantly this will be the best chance to test rel-eng tooling and infra with non-BDB databases. Dependencies on BDB specifics such as looking for /var/lib/rpm/Packages file can be found in surprising places.

RelEng acknowledges the change and will include the change as part of F33 mass rebuild.

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2 years ago

@mohanboddu shouldn't this be change-ack not change-nak?

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2 years ago

@pmatilai Whats the status on this change? The mass rebuild is scheduled for next week, but I am only seeing rpm-4.16 beta builds in koji.

Back from (a long) vacation.

There are no known package generation bugs in the beta nor any other mass-rebuild affecting things on the plate. We've left it at beta for a long time to ensure maximal testing of the new sqlite backend, with an expectation that koji would be using bootstrap by now for constant-churn testing.

As mentioned in the change page, 4.16 final is to be expected in time for the beta freeze, and we expect to go through an rc before that.

Closing the ticket as the work here is done.

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2 years ago

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