#9040 F32 system-wide change: glibc 2.31
Closed: Fixed a year ago by mohanboddu. Opened 2 years ago by submachine.

Please check the impact of the proposed change here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/GLIBC231

@submachine This requires a mass rebuild, so we will follow this change.

Please let us know when glibc 2.31 lands in fedora.

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2 years ago

Thanks! I'll keep you informed.

Just wanted to update this issue prior to the upcoming rawhide mass rebuild (in roughly ~1 week?):

glibc 2.31 is expected to be released on schedule on 1st Feb 2020. Upstream, the master branch is frozen since 1st Jan and at this point, all release blockers have been committed with only the last few bug fixes trickling in before branching/release of 2.31.

Fedora rawhide is closely tracking upstream master, and the last sync done yesterday has built successfully.

The rawhide package is very close to what 2.31 will eventually become. We will switch rawhide to tracking 2.31 branch upstream as soon as it becomes available.

@codonell @submachine I am not seeing a glibc-2.31 build in koji. Is it really ready?

The source tarball is still of a prerelease version (hence the 2.30.9000 version), but we do not expect any changes before the release next week for any of the architectures relevant to Fedora. The version number still needs updating upstream, but this version number does not affect the build or the ABI (for that, the switch to 2.31 happened half a year ago).

@fweimer So, can I use https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=1431009 glibc-2.30.9000-31.fc32 for F32 mass rebuild?

Just making sure if everything is set for mass rebuild. Trying to avoid another mass rebuild :smile:

Yes, using glibc-2.30.9000-31.fc32 should be fine. There are no known issues with it.

Closing this ticket as it is included in mass rebuild.

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a year ago

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