#8865 create tags for EPEL-8 module builds in staging
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    Please create the module-el8-build and module-el8-playground-build tags in staging that are needed for building EPEL-8 modules.
    I'm not sure what other details are needed, but I presume they will inherit from the external repos epel8-build and epel8-playground-build, and inherit from module-package-list like their corresponding module-f##-build tags.

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    No EPEL-8 module builds. :disappointed:

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10 months ago

Looks like we'll need epel8-modular and epel8-playground-modular tags as well.

From our releng meeting today:

#info mboddu will start working on it asap (mostly next week) and nirik will help

Sorry for the delay as we are swamped with other work.

@mohanboddu @kevin Any status or ETA for this? Thanks.

Can we please get these tags created soon so we can move forward with EPEL-8 module builds? Thank you.

I think I created the necessary tags in stg koji, but we need to add platform module and add modules to module-package-list tag

$ stg-koji add-tag module-package-list - its already available through koji sync from prod
$ stg-koji add-tag module-epel8-build --parent module-package-list
$ stg-koji add-external-repo epel8-build 'https://kojipkgs.stg.fedoraproject.org/repos/epel8-build/latest/$arch/' -t module-epel8-build -p 5
$ stg-koji add-tag module-epel8-playground-build --parent module-package-list
$ stg-koji add-external-repo epel8-playground-build 'https://kojipkgs.stg.fedoraproject.org/repos/epel8-playground-build/latest/$arch/' -t module-epel8-playground-build -p 5

Edited the names as per the req:

$ stg-koji edit-tag module-epel8-build --rename module-el8-build
$ stg-koji edit-tag module-epel8-playground-build --rename module-el8-playground-build

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9 months ago

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