#8501 F31 System-wide Change: Automatic R runtime dependencies
Closed: Fixed a year ago by mohanboddu. Opened 2 years ago by qulogic.

I'm seeking feedback on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Automatic_R_runtime_dependencies and its impact to releng.

As the intent is to add a namespaced Provides and corresponding Requires, this will require rebuilding all R packages in order. If the mass rebuild is able to handle this, then there would be nothing else to be done. If the mass rebuild cannot handle it, then I would need a side tag to effect the correct build order.

@qulogic mass rebuild can rebuild the packages, but looking at the change it might require changes to spec files, are you going to make those changes before we get to mass rebuild?

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2 years ago

You can do double-rebuild. First just with provides and second with provides and requires.

@mohanboddu The intention is for there to be no technical reason for any changes to spec files. The generators/attributes will be part of R-devel, which all R packages require to build. There may be guideline reasons though (i.e., no duplicate explicit Requires over automatic.) I can take care of these if needed.

@ignatenkobrain Ah, so a mini-rebuild with Provides first, and leave the mass rebuild to handle the full setup (Provides+Requires)?

@ignatenkobrain Ah, so a mini-rebuild with Provides first, and leave the mass rebuild to handle the full setup (Provides+Requires)?


That works for me if it works for releng.

@qulogic That works for me, just make sure mini-rebuild will be done before the mass rebuild and let me know if you need a side tag for mini-rebuild.


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2 years ago

@qulogic Next Tue that is July 23rd 2019 is F31 mass rebuild. Please make sure everything is ready for it.

Also, may I know the status on mini-rebuild?


Ah shoot, I got the dates mixed up and thought I had another week for this. Do you think we could flip things around and have the mass rebuild do the Provides and a later mini-rebuild for Requires?

Also, FPC hasn't decided whether I should auto-add Suggests, and though this is not critical to the rebuild (it can always be enabled later, they're just weak deps), it would give us more time to come to a decision.

@qulogic Sure, is everything is in rawhide to support mass rebuild that does provides? Or the work is still going on?

Also, can you give us the koji build url when this support has landed?

The macros were added in this build and the dependency was added to R-devel in this build (this will make the generator available for all R builds). It should finish building in an hour or so.

Ah, I meant to post here some time ago, but the mini-rebuild for Requires was completed some time back, before the Beta Freeze. So I guess there's nothing more to be done here?

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