#826 f10-beta tag request for imsettings-0.104.1-1.fc10
Closed: Invalid None Opened 11 years ago by tagoh.

This version of package would fixes rhbz#462899, rhbz#463797 and rhbz#460703.

Bug 462899 - When disconecting, inputing on xterm -> imsettings-appets Segmentation fault
Bug 463797 - unnecessary and poorly phrased notification
Bug 460703 - multiple status icons for Input Method displayed

463797 and #460703 is F10DesktopBlocker bugs.

This unfortunately will have to be fixed in rawhide, post-beta. We're not taking anything but critical release blockers at this point.

Metadata Update from @tagoh:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 10 Beta

2 years ago

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