#821 f10-beta tag request: phonon-4.2.0-5.fc10
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This changes Phonon to specifically require the xine backend instead of any backend because it's the default backend in upstream KDE 4.1 and the one we have been testing since 4.0. The intention was always for the xine backend to be the default, but yum was picking the gstreamer one as the default (because it's built from the Phonon SRPM whereas the xine backend is built from kdebase-runtime). The Phonon GStreamer backend currently has trouble with PulseAudio, so in the interest of having sound "just work" in the beta, it would be great to have this tagged for the beta. The dependency change is the only change.

Unfortunately we just started composing the release candidate, and unless something goes wrong, that's what we'll ship for Beta.

I'll leave this ticket open though, in case we do have to re-compose.

Hmmm, are the live CDs also already being spun? Because if not, we could drag in phonon-backend-xine by hand in the KDE live CD config (assuming I can get hold of svahl in time).

if the package is there, will it just use it, or does further configuration have to happen?

It will just use it, KDE 4.1 prefers the Phonon Xine backend to the GStreamer one.

I think I can make that happen then, although it looks like we're going to have to re-compose anyway due to anaconda. But rather than sign and pull something more in, I'll just add the package to the kde manifest. Taking the ticket.

Beta is out; this ticket isn't relevant any more.

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2 years ago

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