#8148 Copying vmdk to output directory
Closed: Fixed a year ago by syeghiay. Opened a year ago by dustymabe.

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recently added vmdk to output cloud images but I don't see it getting copied to the output directories. For example for the Fedora-Rawhide-20190217.n.0 compose I see that the vmdk was built (koji task) but I don't see it in the output directory.

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2019/02/25 - next week

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Lot's of extra bandwidth used when uploading to AWS.

FYI: this should fix it: https://pagure.io/pungi/pull-request/1134#

Any chance we could get that hotfixed/backported to the current builders?

The patch is added to pungi-4.1.33-3, which is now built for Rawhide, F30, F29 and F28.

thanks @lsedlar - @mohanboddu, can you let me know when it has been applied to builders?

@dustymabe Rawhide compose box is updated, branched is running a compose right now, so I will update it later.

On rawhide, there is an issue we are trying to figure out and once thats fixed, we will run another rawhide compose which should run with fixed pungi.

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