#8130 Move the GOLD linker to a separate subpackage of the BINUTLS.
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by mohanboddu. Opened 3 years ago by nickc.

The GOLD linker is currently part of the binutils package. Unfortunately it seems that Google have decided not to continue development of the linker, and so it is possible that it may start to bit-rot. The linker is still being maintained by the upstream GNU Binutils project, but new development is not happening. Thus as a precautionary measure I would like to move GOLD into its own sub-package of the binutils, in case in the future we decide that it should be deprecated.

As an aside , it appears that development of LLD, the linker from the LLVM project, is taking off, so in the long term LLD may well replace GOLD.

Ideally I would like to introduce this change into Fedora 31. It will affect other packages that use GOLD as their linker of choice, but I am hopeful that targetting F31 will provide sufficient time to locate and update all such packages.

This request is not essential, and if it decided not to allow it, then GOLD can just continue to be part of the normal binutils package.

What do you need from releng? Just move packages around, make sure that upgrade still works and just do it :)

That is what I hope will happen - but I wanted to make sure that you guys were aware of the change, just in case I muck it up ... :-)

@nickc By the way, will the BFD stay main linker in Fedora?

@nickc Thanks for filing the ticket. But I dont think there is no RelEng work is needed on this change. But we want to keep an eye on it.

Could you please add the change request wiki url once you filed it.


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3 years ago

Yes - the BFD linker will remain the main limker for Fedora.

The URL for the wiki page is here:



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2 years ago

Closing this ticket as the work is done.

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2 years ago

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