#805 ekiga-2.9.90 and opal 3.3.1 for F-10 beta
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Ekiga 3 will be out before Fedora 10. I was working to get the beta (BZ 460888) into rawhide before the beta (was waiting of ptlib which hit rawhide on the the 12th) but missed it by a day. It would be nice to get it into the beta for further testing. It is completely standalone (doesn't affect other packages) and pwlib is still in rawhide so its easy to untag and roll back to previous version.

Hrm, I tagged it, and tried to use it, but I'm having no luck placing calls through my sip provider, I think it's related to network messages that aren't well documented for the new version. Can you come to IRC (freenode) and find 'f13' in #fedora-devel to talk about this?

Yes, I can't access IRC at work but will try and catch you online tonight (London time)

Does it register with the provider and just can't make calls. Can you check the enabled codecs in Edit -> Preferences. More than likely you'll need gsm or ms-gsm enabled.


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