#7828 Release Container base image to Quay.io
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Similarly to what we are doing to for dockerhub we should publish the fedora base container image to Quay.io.

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    When possible
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Once the Fedora Organization is created in Quay.io , we need to update the release script [0] to use Quay APIs

[0] -https://pagure.io/releng/blob/master/f/scripts/sync-latest-container-base-image.sh

Once the Fedora Organization is created in Quay.io

I own the fedora org on quay.io.. Ask Me Anything :)

@dustymabe I was about to send an email to ask if we know who is the owner :smile: . I think we will need a robot account that can we can use to push the images

This is done now I am pretty sure?

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