#768 Tag inheritance for ivtv-firmware
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by athimm.


could you please inherit tags for mediawiki-openid and ivtv-firmware?


They are tagged as dist-f8-updates or dist-f8-updates-candidate
respectively, but should be inherited by f9/f10 etc.

If there is a way for me to place inheritance tags myself, let me
know. I tried reading through the koji docs, but I still don't
understand when a package is being automatically inherited and when


Looks like I had already requested tag inheritance for mediawiki-openid with ticket #762 three weeks ago, so I'm changing this request to only ivtv-firmware.

sorry, this seems to have slipped out of my radar. Let me get this going again.

I've tagged ivtv-firmware-20080701-18 into dist-f9-updates, which will allow it to inherit into dist-f10 as well. It'll show up in 9 updates the next time we push updates.

Metadata Update from @athimm:
- Issue assigned to jkeating

2 years ago

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