#767 Resign everything

Created 9 years ago by mmcgrath
Modified 9 months ago

We said we'd resign everything. Lets do it :) But how? Can yum handle it? so many question.

Didn't see this ticket, we've done lots of work on the resigning front. All the 8 and 9 updates and updates-testing content has been resigned, and much of the 8 and 9 GOLD content has been resigned and written out. We're about to loose the 8 and 9 updates upon the world.

8 and 9 updates have been released, and continued to be released. I'm picking up this ticket again to make sure all the 8 and 9 GOLD content is signed and written out.

The plan is to re-mash and put content in Everything/<arch>.newkey/ .

Almost all 8 and 9 GOLD packages have been signed. There are a few unsigned rpms that were corrupted during some NFS issues we had, and they cannot be used as the source to sign new versions. I'll be working with koji developers to replace the unsigned versions with still good signed versions.

Corrupt packages replaced, and then copies were signed with the new key. Attempting mashings of the repos with new keys.

F9 is going end of life.

9 months ago

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