#764 infrastructure for creating desktop live cds daily

Created 9 years ago by walters
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Hi, I want to avoid size regressions in the Live CD; in order to do this, I'd like to have live CD images created daily by an automated process. Once that hook is in place, we can add further automated checks on top of that such as analyzing the size of installed packages, etc.

A git repository where we can put the scripts to run after the image is created would be perfect.

I could probably make a cronjob out of http://spinner.fedoraunity.org/revisor/ (it is now triggered manually), and whip something up based on the script that runs these composes now

Some initial output is landing in http://alt.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/stage/development-live/

We can talk more about how we want that output arranged.

Cool! Looks useful. Might want to name the .out files .txt for webserver MIME reasons.

Where does this code live?

Nowhere yet, I'm running commands by hand to get a feel of how we want things to operate, and then I'll convert it into a script for cronning.

Hrm, I didn't think that the file extension had much to do with webserver mime type, unless we're talking about IIS.

One question I have is would it be better to have a subdir per spin, and then different files for the different outputs, or maybe one file per spin and the outputs concatonated all into the one file. Gut says subdir and one file per output, or maybe a overall report like html file that has links to the various raw outputs. My html is no good, particularly generated from python, but I'd think the page should look like

Compose Date/Time:
Successful: Y/N
Size (if successful):
Compose output: <link>
Package/Size list: <link>
Diff against <date>: <link>
Diff against <milestone>: <link>

Something like that?

http://alt.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/stage/development-live/Live/i686/ is an example of the above. I'd like the content to be monospaced and such, but I lack the html skills to make that happen.

I have a simple shellscript that I run here nightly that git pulls latest spin-kickstarts branch and runs livecd-creator using a local mirror on nfs.

I could clean it up and post/attach if it is useful.

nirik has this up and running now. They get stored at:


Is there anything left to do?

9 months ago

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