#7627 System wide change: remove the Group: tag
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by tibbs.

I am filing a system-side feature for removing the Group: tag from all remaining packages which still have it. This will affect (currently) 9240 source packages.

The feature process requires that I file a releng ticket for a system-wide change, but this should not involve releng to any degree that I can think of. I do not plan to issue builds after pushing the changes but if there is a mass rebuild scheduled for F30, it would be good to have everything committed before then. Pushing to 9000+ repositories shouldn't produce any significant additional load on the git server as long as I do it with low parallelism, but as I understand things, that's managed by infrastructure instead of releng in any case.

This change request doesn't require any releng work.

Thanks for filing the ticket.

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