#7595 F29 System-wide change: Update Boost to 1.67
Closed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by jwakely.

Change proposal: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/F29Boost167

This will require a side tag for me to do the rebuilds.

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2 years ago

Release Engineering acknowledges the change.

Please let us know when you need a side tag by creating a new ticket.


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2 years ago

@jwakely Since we are very close to mass rebuild, do you think we can get boost updated to 1.67 before and build all the packages depend on it?

When do you think boost 1.67 will land in rawhide?

I'm on holiday all of next week, so unfortunately I won't be able to do that myself.

I could just push the new boost to rawhide today, and start the lowest tier of rebuilds, and ask package maintainers to do their own rebuilds. Then the mass rebuild should get everything fixed up. But there's some risk from doing that directly in rawhide not a side tag.

I've created #7614 for the side tag

If the side-tag can be created today I can get the majority of the rebuilds done over the weekend, and then as many as possible can be merged back to rawhide before the mass rebuild.

Given the annobin breakage and my holiday schedule, I'm cancelling the change proposal for F29.

I'll update Boost in F30 instead.

@jwakely , can you please enter a new ticket for F30?

Closing this ticket. @jwakely , please enter a new ticket for F30.

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2 years ago

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