#7588 F29 system wide change: Deprecate YUM 3 - request for review
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by kevin. Opened 2 years ago by dmach.

I'd like to request review of F29 system wide change: Deprecate YUM 3


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2 years ago

Release Engineering doesn't have to do anything with this request, but we use some of the tools that depend on yum extensively.

So, giving a heads up to the people that we know might get impacted.

@dgregor @kevin @puiterwijk @adrian

Please add any others that we missed.

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2 years ago

Mirrormanager uses a few yum python interfaces for repomd.xml parsing. So this might lead to problems in the code. Currently it is still running on RHEL7 systems in the fedora infrastructure, if those systems are ever changed to something without yum 3 it will become problematic.

Thanks for letting me know. Tracking this upstream: https://github.com/fedora-infra/mirrormanager2/issues/251

@mikem please take a look and assess the impact on koji
@mohanboddu thank you for the heads up. Aside from koji, which of the other tools listed in the request are used by Release Engineering?

I am mostly concerned about koji, mirrormanager and sigul.

@dgregor As we discussed, the only thing that I wanted to know from you is the impact of this change on koji only, nothing else.

@mikem , did you assess the impact of this change on koji? If so, is it okay to proceed? Please advise.

I guess there will be no impact since there is no reply, right? :D

MirrorManager2 is already using Python 3 in Fedora, as of v0.9.0. It no longer uses YUM in its code.

Sigul does not use YUM itself, though it is broken because pygpgme was retired due to it being broken by changes in GnuPG v2. It needs porting to the official GPGME Python bindings and migration to Python 3.

Koji has pending pull requests to migrate to Python 3 and simultaneously drop the YUM dependency, but nobody is responding to feedback and the PRs are rotting:

At this point, we need strong pokes to get Sigul (cc: @puiterwijk) and Koji (cc: @mikem, @dgregor, @tkopecek) fixed.

Is the Koji server deployed on Fedora? I'd assume it's EL. Hence we can remove yum form Fedora and let Koji deal with that in Fedora somehow (even by removing the sever bits from Fedora repos) without compromising the Koji service.

If I'm wrong and we run it on Fedora, I'm sorry for the claim. Even then I assume we would not run it on rawhide, so there would be time and pressure for those PRs to get in.

@churchyard Only the hub is on EL7. The rest is on Fedora. I would not be surprised if we move the hub to Fedora in the near future anyway. The koji components that run on Fedora are refreshed shortly after a Fedora release is made.

Thanks. I didn't know that. In that case, we really need somebody to respond there.

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2 years ago

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This is done. yum3 is gone, we are still alive. :)

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